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Sonu Nigam was live in concert in Paris. He is one of the most famous singers from India and from the Indian Cinema. BNA-Germany has had the opportunity to meet him after the concert.

Bollywood Stars send their greetings to the german fans.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar held a press conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His latest film "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" was sreened there amongst many other Bollywood films.

The Urdu-Poet is more famous due to his lycris for many Bollywood Blockbuster. BNA-Germany met him at the Frankfurt Book Fair for a talk.

BNA-Germany spoke with Mr. Yash Chopra about his latest film "Fanaa", his career as producer and about the future of YashRajFilms...

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21-08-10 08:54

Gurdas Maan to receive honorary degree and perform at the Royal Albert Hall

(UK BOX OFFICE) Global superstar Gurdas Maan has performed on many prestigious stages during his successful 25 year career as a Punjabi singing sensation. UK BOX OFFICE is now delighted to announce that The Royal Albert Hall has opened its doors to this prolific and well established artist. Although Gurdas Maan has performed at other acclaimed venues such as Wembley Arena (London) and the National Exhibition Centre (Birmingham); The Royal Albert Hall as bought excitement to the forthcoming performance in April 2011.

The Royal Albert Hall itself is one of the UK’s most treasured architectural landmarks and is recognisable all over the globe. Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, it has staged leading artists of the world including Sir Cliff Richard, Pavarotti, Robbie Williams, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. Speeches have also been delivered here by world influential figures including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. Gurdas Maan stated ‘I am extremely honored that I have been given this opportunity to perform at this beautiful historical landmark and appreciate that I am one of the few artists that have had the privilege to perform at such an extraordinary place.’ Jasper Hope, Director of Events at the Royal Albert Hall says ‘we are delighted to welcome the internationally acclaimed Gurdas Maan to our iconic venue. We look forward his unique artistry and to filling the Hall with the exhilarating sounds of Punjabi music.’


Gurdas Maan’s originality has resulted in countless accolades, such as a Jury’s Award which was presented to him by the President of India. Now however, he will also be accepting a Doctorate in World Music from The University of Wolverhampton on the 7th September 2010 following his press conference at The Royal Albert Hall. Gurdas Maan has been awarded the Doctorate for recognition of his lifelong career in music, promotion of Asian music and traditions and the continual maintenance of his natural talent. John Pymm, Dean of the School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure which is presenting the honorary award said: `The University is absolutely delighted that Gurdas Maan has made time in his very busy international touring schedule to receive an honorary doctorate. Gurdas Maan’s contribution to music is immense and he is a real inspiration for our students`. Gurdas Maan will now become amongst those few artists in the world that have had the privilege of being worthy of a Doctorate in Music. Others include Sir Paul McCartney, Bill Cosby and Bob Dylan. Gurdas Maan has declared that he is both ‘touched and thankful’ for this recognition and that he will continue to please his ever growing crowd.


We at UK BOX OFFICE, have made it our top priority to provide the ultimate experience for our UK audiences. Now in 2011, we have heightened the expectations by engaging with one of the most acclaimed musical stages of the world, The Royal Albert Hall. As promoters we believe in quality rather than quantity. This one night performance will create a personal yet elegant experience, which allows the audience to connect with the exceptional and inspirational Gurdas Maan, says Managing Director of UK Box Office Ashok Suman.

The forthcoming 2011 tour is predicted to be the most extravagant of all of his past tours. The UK tour will take place in six major cities: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Leeds; each of which will give Gurdas Maan’s legions of fans the opportunity to experience first hand his persistent high class performance. On the 6th September a conference will be held at the Royal Albert Hall, in which Gurdas Maan will announce the official opening of the Box Office. Fans are advised to purchase tickets as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment due to high demand.

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