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Sonu Nigam was live in concert in Paris. He is one of the most famous singers from India and from the Indian Cinema. BNA-Germany has had the opportunity to meet him after the concert.

Bollywood Stars send their greetings to the german fans.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar held a press conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His latest film "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" was sreened there amongst many other Bollywood films.

The Urdu-Poet is more famous due to his lycris for many Bollywood Blockbuster. BNA-Germany met him at the Frankfurt Book Fair for a talk.

BNA-Germany spoke with Mr. Yash Chopra about his latest film "Fanaa", his career as producer and about the future of YashRajFilms...

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05-10-09 18:20


The Loomba Trust is hosting the annual gala dinner, which celebrates the Indian National Festival of Lights, Diwali, at London’s historical and prestigious landmark – the 800-year old Guildhall on Thursday 8th October 2009.

Cherie Blair, President of the Loomba Trust, will welcome Preity Zinta, a famous Bollywood star, who won the best actress award at the Chicago International Film Festival for Deepa Mehta’s film Heaven and Earth, in which she played the role of a wife subjected to domestic violence in the film.


Preity said she was honoured to be associated with such a prestigious charity and as her mother was widowed when she was only 13 years old she fully understands the problems such women face due to widowhood. I want to support the work of the Loomba Trust to alleviate the plight of widows in India and other countries.


There are more than 100million widows estimated worldwide, many of whom suffer dreadful prejudice and discrimination – are denied their right to inheritance, abused, isolated and pushed to the very fringes of society. And, of course, it is their children who are punished, often forced to opt out of school because of lack of money.


Diwali at the Guildhall will attract over 400 guests including corporate leaders, politicians and diplomats from both the British and Indian communities in London. The reception will begin at 6:30 PM followed by dinner and the evening’s program at 8.00 PM. Yana Gupta from Bollywood and the Bhangra King Malkiat Singh will entertain the guests. For ticket reservations and more information, please call 02088969922 or email sally(at)theloombatrust.org or visit www.theloombatrust.org.

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The Indian actor  Atul Kulkarni ("Rang De Basanti", "Page 3") skeaks exclusively BNA-Germany about his latest film "Natarang", which already won different awards.

Sanjay Dutt speaks about "Kidnap", his latest film that will be released on 2nd October 2008.

Akshay Kumar speaks in an interview about his character in "Singh Is Kinng" and about his new image as Superstar and Number1.

Sonu Niigaam talks about his forthcoming film and music projects and about the bad organisation of his "Simply Sonu" tour in Germany in October 2007. 

Shashi Tharoor worked for the UNO as Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information and wrote the famous and filmed book "Show Business".


Bollywood Star Amitabh Bachchan attended as ambassador the opening event for the International Indian Academy Awards (IIFAs) in Leeds. BNA-Germany met him there for an exclusive interview.