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Sonu Nigam was live in concert in Paris. He is one of the most famous singers from India and from the Indian Cinema. BNA-Germany has had the opportunity to meet him after the concert.

Bollywood Stars send their greetings to the german fans.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar held a press conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His latest film "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" was sreened there amongst many other Bollywood films.

The Urdu-Poet is more famous due to his lycris for many Bollywood Blockbuster. BNA-Germany met him at the Frankfurt Book Fair for a talk.

BNA-Germany spoke with Mr. Yash Chopra about his latest film "Fanaa", his career as producer and about the future of YashRajFilms...

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08-09-09 23:51

"The Tribute" on September 26th with Sonu Niigaam

"The Tribute" is the name of the concert which will take place in memory of the "King Of Pop", Michael Jackson, in Vienna on September 26th. Jermaine Jackson, initiator and co-producer of that memorial concert and Georg Kindel, CEO of World Awards Media invited international media to their first press conference in Vienna to give details regarding the concert and participating artist. Jermaine Jackson announced, that not only western stars like Steve Wonder, R. Kelly, Maroon 5, Natalie Cole, Chris Brown, Akon, US 5, Mary J. Blige, Angela Basset and Sister Sledge will be on stage but also big names from Bollywood, like Sonu Niigaam.

In forthcoming press conferences to be held in London, Berlin and Paris Jermaine Jackson will reveal additional names of the other performing artists. They all with participate without charging any fee and most of the sale revenues will be donated for charitable objectives.

It is planned that the stars either perform one of the uncountable and unforgettable songs of Michael Jackson or that they will pay their tribute by singing their own written and produced tribute songs. For the grand final of the concert all stars will come on stage again and sing together one of Michael Jackson's greatest hits. Which song it wil be, will be kept as a secret till then.

For Sonu Niigaam it is a special honour to be one of the chosen performing international artists. Recently he's got the chance to meet Jermaine Jackson personally in Los Angeles while having his tour concert "Explosion 2009". Jermaine Jackson was sitting in the audience and was very impressed by Sonu Niigaam's performance to Michael Jackson's superhit "Billie Jean",by his voice and his stage show. So it was not really surprising and all of the sudden, that it was Jermaine's wish to have the Indian super star Sonu Niigaam at "The Tribute".

The ticket sale for "The Tribute" already started last week. Even the choice of location is something special: it's the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, one of the most beautiful palaces of the world. Michael Jackson loved to be there and now it will be the location for the memorial concert for the dead "King Of Pop" who will always live on in the hearts of millions.

More information about the concert and for tickets on:

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